Kind words

From the moment I arrived, I felt safe, comfortable, and guided.

I had my one on one quantum healing session with Luke in December 2019. Luke has a beautiful ability to hold the space well that I was able to tell him my life story without feeling insecure or wanting to hide anything. I was able to gain clarity on my many questions, but the major event that changed my life is the healing of my feet. I have had flat feet since I was a child and it follows with tremendous pain if I hike for a long period of time, work, run, etc. This was my main concern when seeking out a healing session by Luke. Throughout the process, I felt my feet tingle and an overwhelming sense of being released. Since the session, I have been able to go runs and work for long periods of time with no pain at all. It seems almost unbelievable. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Luke and cannot recommend him enough. He is passionate about what he does and really loves helping people. If you have the opportunity to work with him. TAKE IT. Life-changing!!! Thank you, Luke. 

Jessica - USA

I just had a session with Luke and it was nothing less than spectacular. Life changing. Remarkable.

He managed to get to such a wealth of things, I am absolutely amazed. All my questions were answered and changes have happened. I have just not experienced anything like it. I really recommend that if you feel this aligns with anything in you, that you contact Luke and have a session with him. I don’t want to put the words up too ridiculously high but he’s pretty ultimate!

Mads - Denmark

I chose to work with Luke consciously because I felt attracted by his energy – his very calm and soft way of being was very comforting for me.

I felt this was very important for me in doing this work which requires a lot of trust to open up. I really was amazed at what came out of my session. After the session I feel really complete in knowing who I am, and that I can always refer to my higher self for guidance. I feel much more confident, much more strength and much more power in my life. I really encourage you to have a session with Luke, he’s a very nice, skilful and patient practitioner.

Frauké - France

I want to thank Luke for an amazing QHHT session.

I was nervous because I knew I would be vulnerable but Luke guided me into my session very gently and lovingly, he made sure I was really at ease and felt safe the entire time. 

The information I received from my Higher self well exceeded my expectations, it brought to light the answers and clarity I was seeking.

This has now made me feel prepared to go after and achieve my goals.

If you are thinking about getting a session or wondering if it’s right for you, just go for it. It is a unique, positive and enjoyable experience in every way. 

Thank you Luke for being such an incredible guide.

Cara - New Zealand

Wow… my QHHT session with Luke was truely transformational.

From the very moment I stepped into his space I felt so safe that I blurted out my whole life story, even sharing memories I had long forgotten, it was so healing and this was even before the QHHT session started. This is testament to the space that Luke holds, a real openness where you feel safe to go deep and share.

The whole session was truely profound and made me want to study QHHT myself.

I highly highly recommend Luke as a QHHT practitioner, you will not regret it.

Shannon - New Zealand

How often do we get the chance in our busy modern lives to reflect and question “Who am I?” And “What is the meaning of Life?”

Luke has a calm presence to help you navigate these questions and others as you explore together the inner workings of your universe.
Like a ship upon the waters of time, Luke creates a safe haven in which you can explore new realms including but not limited to: past trauma, important life experiences, possibly past lives. This is “light work” and Luke is either a Saint or an Angel as he guides you towards your higher consciousness.
For those sceptics out there, I challenge you to try a session… who knows even if you don’t discover the meaning of life, you will discover enlightenment for your mind, body, and soul. This is the first empowering step towards healing our world.


Vaughan - New Zealand

I would like to highly recommend Luke as a QHHT practitioner.

I had read Dolores Cannon’s books many years ago, and remembered thinking, Wow! I would like to try that one day, and then forgot all about it.

I was experiencing a few life blockages, so I booked an appointment with Luke, and put simply…he is the real deal. I felt like I was in a very safe space. Luke is mindful of your comfort levels and has a very kind and caring manner.

The session that I had with Luke was amazing, and unlocked a few mysteries for me personally that had previously been challenging. I also feel a sense of acceptance and release of old trauma bonds. As this session is recorded by Luke, I can listen to this recording over and over and pick up different information that is helpful.

This has been a very positive and life changing experience for me, and in one session! What are you waiting for? Call Luke, and get back to the amazing best life you were born to live.

Alaina - New Zealand

My QHHT session with Luke was amazing.

I felt so comfortable and safe in his presence and this helped me be able to fully relax and trust the process. I am grateful for Luke and the guidance he enabled in the session as I had some very relevant insights and remembering which have helped me since. 

Luke’s knowledge of the technique also enabled me to feel safe and comfortable, as with any questions or queries I had I was calmly reassured that there was nothing to worry about and no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to this. I was surprised and amazed at the journey of QHHT as it all felt so familiar and exactly what I needed to hear.

Thanks again Luke!

Lucy - New Zealand