Imagine that you could meet someone who has been through everything, had countless experiences, travelled all over the world and done everything that you dream you want to do in your life. They’re now 90 years old, incredibly wise, incredibly loving and incredibly caring. You get to meet them, ask them some questions, hang out with them and get to understand their perspective on life. This person is you in the future.

What I absolutely love about quantum healing (QHHT) is seeing that this person is you – connecting to this wisdom that you are already. Living in the knowledge that all of this insight is already inside of you. All it takes is the time and space to really connect in with yourself, see what’s there and see what’s possible.

That’s what I love so much, sharing this with people and having people come in for a session – feeling unsure of what they’re doing and confused about life. Then connecting to this place inside that is always there, which has all of the answers and is so incredibly loving and supportive. This part of you that is connected to everything, knows everything and knows exactly what you need to support you the most in your life right now. When you connect into this you get exactly what you need to support you in living the most amazing life and to let go of these things that no longer serve you to do what you’re here to do.

And so a group session is a really great way, if you’re interested, to get a taste of what’s possible – to feel that connection and get answers for yourself. For you to actually realise that you do know, rather than hearing what someone else has told you. You have all of the answers and you have everything that you need!

We work with the beautiful plant medicine of cacao which helps us to connect to the heart space, and from that safe space of love and connection experience Quantum Healing. This work has changed my life and so many others around me! I am really excited to share this with you at New Zealand Spirit Festival 2020!