Prepare for your session

What to expect.


In a QHHT session we begin by having a talk about you and your life. This is so I can get to know you better so during the session I can ask the best questions to help you to get the best answers to support you most in your life.

During the session we’re able to ask questions about absolutely anything. Imagine that you were meeting an incredibly wise, old person who had travelled all over the world, experienced everything you dream to experience and was completely unconditionally loving and compassionate. They know everything about your and your life and are just there to help you. You get to spend some time with this person, hang out with them and ask them some questions. What would you ask them? 

During the QHHT session you are taken through a series of visualisations to get you into an incredibly relaxed state, from this different state of consciousness you are able to view your life from a different perspective, gain insight and clarity into aspects of your life and fully let go of what no longer serves you. We then have an interview with your subconscious – what you could also call your higher self – this is just you from a different perspective, beyond the perceived limitations of the mind, and can answer all of your questions fully and beautifully.

After the session we go over everything you wanted to know, so you are left feeling empowered, peaceful and excited for what is possible with what you have now experienced!

All sessions are recorded so you are able to listen back to support integrating the insight into your life. 


How to prepare for your session.


Your session may last between 4 – 6 hours so make sure you have something to eat beforehand. It is also a good idea to prepare some food for after the session.

In preparation for a session, write a list of questions that you want answered. Here you can ask absolutely anything. Nothing is off limits. 

During the hypnosis session you will always be guided to the most appropriate time and place. You’ll be shown exactly what you need to benefit you the most in your life right now. It’s really very amazing!

To help you feel more comfortable you are welcome to bring your own pillow and blanket.