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Quantum Healing Cacao Ceremony. NZ Spirit Festival 2020 (28th Feb - 1st March)

Healing is just understanding. You are already complete, already are love – made from stars. This is a beautiful, safe and simple way to see yourself truly, beyond limitation, and from that place release what is no longer serves you.

We work with the beautiful plant medicine of cacao which helps us to connect to the heart space, and from that safe space of love and connection experience Quantum Healing. This work has changed my life and so many others around me! I am really excited to share this with you!

All you need is a pen and a journal or something to write in.

There is a space here for you.

“It’s okay to feel whatever you’re currently feeling, even the things you do not know you’re feeling. Those emotions which you haven’t been given enough time or space to bring to the surface and see that they’re okay!”

This is a space to see that they’re okay.