Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

QHHT is an amazing way to access the deepest level of the mind where all of your beliefs are held.

The conscious mind is like the waves on top of the ocean where the subconscious mind is like the deep ocean beneath. This is where we hold our deepest patterns which come from things that have happened in our lives, good or bad. Even thought we may be able to consciously identify these patterns, for example if you’ve ever wondered why you keep repeating a behaviour despite knowing that it isn’t good for you, we often can’t change them just through seeing they are there because we still feel so caught up in them.

QHHT is a beautiful technique to relax you into a really deep state of consciousness where you’re able to see your life from a different perspective. We are able to have a direct conversation with your subconscious and get a true understanding of why these beliefs are here, what the purpose of the beliefs are, and when you know this, in this deep state of consciousness you can release them instantly.

This part of you is so incredibly wise and so incredibly loving. To be able to see your life from this true place you can effortlessly let go of these beliefs which no longer serve you which can often relate to the release of physical symptoms you have been experiencing.

What to expect.

In a QHHT session we begin by having a talk about you and your life. This is so I can get to know you better so during the session I can ask the best questions to help you to get the best answers to support you most in your life.

During the session we’re able to ask questions about absolutely anything. Imagine that you were meeting an incredibly wise, old person who had travelled all over the world, experienced everything you dream to experience and was completely unconditionally loving and compassionate. They know everything about your and your life and are just there to help you. You get to spend some time with this person, hang out with them and ask them some questions. What would you ask them? 

During the QHHT session you are taken through a series of visualisations to get you into an incredibly relaxed state, from this different state of consciousness you are able to view your life from a different perspective, gain insight and clarity into aspects of your life and fully let go of what no longer serves you. We then have an interview with your subconscious – what you could also call your higher self – this you from a different perspective and answer all of your questions fully and beautifully.

After the session we go over everything you wanted to know, so you are left feeling empowered, peaceful and excited for what is possible with what your know know!

All sessions are recorded so you are able to listen back to support integrating the insight into your life. 


How QHHT works.

You’ve maybe heard about the different brain states – Beta (normal awake state), Alpha (concentrated awareness, light trance), Theta (deep trance, meditation, just before deep sleep & awakening) and Delta (deep sleep).

QHHT works with the Theta brain state, which is the deepest possible conscious level of awareness and relaxation. Other hypnosis techniques that work on stopping habits and changing beliefs etc work in the Alpha state. QHHT goes much deeper, to understand the root of why these things are occurring in the first place.

There is nothing weird or woo-woo about this! You go in and out of these states of consciousness all the time. Everyone goes into the Theta state two times a day – when they are going to sleep, and when they are waking up. If you practise yoga or meditation you will be even more familiar with these states of consciousness!

So we are just using a natural state of consciousness that you experience for a short time every day, this technique is just about staying in this state for an extended period of time so we can find the answers we’re looking for.

During a QHHT session you will always get what you can handle and understand, never anything more. You will never be left confused, or without understanding or answers. The session is always guided by the Higher Self 🙂 

As you continue on your own path of growth and understanding, you will begin to get more and more information, as your capacity to understand grows! – whether you come back to have multiple sessions, or after your session as you begin to follow your own intuitive guidance.

For more info about the science behind QHHT go here!



Sessions cost $500 and may last anywhere from 4-6 hours including the interview, hypnosis session and recep afterwards. All sessions include a high-quality audio recording to help you integrate the wisdom and insight from your session into your life.

For information on preparing for your session see this page.

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