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We’re all just walking each other home.

– Ram Dass (1931 – 2019)

Hey my name is Luke Gabites. I support people in reaching their potential through the realisation of who they truely are.

 – which is a being beyond limitation, a being who is able to create anything.

There’s really nothing holding you back, just a thought that is believed in. I help people to clearly see their belief and thought patterns, understand where they come from, understand the purpose of these thoughts and beliefs and then let them go instantly.

I absolutely love helping people through this process. It completely changes your life when you know you have all the answers inside of you.

It is so special to have space and time to be held and supported with loving presence to really see your unlimited nature. You can live the life of your dreams – this is what I share with others.

Journeys to Wellness Podcast

Welcome to the Journeys to Wellness Podcast. A weekly show discussing the science behind mental and physical health.

Join Psychologist Jane Gabites & Wellness Educator Luke Gabites for an enlightening discussion on all things to do with Psychology & wellness.

Luke Gabites Youtube

Check out my Youtube channel where I share videos on everything from the Science of Wellness, Psychology, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, other guided practises, recipe videos and more!

My Latest Videos

Eating Your Way to Happiness | The Effect of Diet on Mental Health

Eating Your Way to Happiness | The Effect of Diet on Mental Health

If you’re like me and you’re watching this video you’ve probably heard such conflicting things on what is healthy to eat, and may never have even considered that our diet might affect our mental health… There are so many different diets and foods marketed these days,...

Breathwork: The History & Physiology

Breathwork: The History & Physiology Humans have been manipulating their breathing for thousands of years with many cultures referring to the breath as the life force. Looking at the evidence it is easy to understand why!  Our breath can deeply affect our...

Other Offerings to Support You

Guided Practises

Join me each week for a new guided practise to support your mental and physical health. I am sharing my favourite evidence-based practises such as Breathwork/Pranayama, Yoga and Meditations. Join me either on my YouTube Channel or on Insight Timer.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

QHHT is an amazing way to access the deepest level of the mind where all of your beliefs are held.

The conscious mind is like the waves on top of the ocean where the subconscious mind is like the deep ocean beneath.

QHHT is a beautiful technique to relax you into a really deep state of consciousness where you’re able to see your life from a different perspective and create deep and lasting positive change.

Live Events & Offerings

Join me in-person for dope events to experience the benefits of these practises directly for yourself.

"I just had a session with Luke and it was nothing less than spectacular. Life changing. Remarkable..." - Mads, Denmark

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